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Tanya, 19. I study law and in my free time (if I have any) I either vid or fangirl about my ships. Castle&Beckett and Mulder&Scully ruined my life.

Carrie has to come to terms with Brody’s loss. It’s very difficult being in the same space with her child. It evoks Brody.

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"Because I’m pretty sure that every minute of every day, you’ve been stuck in a lab right beside me. At the academy, at sci-ops, this plane. You’ve been beside me the whole damn time."

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We are not agents of nothing! We are agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and that still carries weight. It has to carry weight.

The boy saw the comet and he felt as though his life had meaning.


You spend every day with agent Scully a beautiful, enchanting woman. And you two never, uh…? I confess I find that shocking.


→ David Duchovny expressing how grateful he is for Gillian Anderson’s work in his episode “The Unnatural” at The X-Files’ 20th anniversary panel at the Paley Center on October 12, 2013

DAVID: I also like that scene a lot, you know, because I love- Gilllian is so good in it, and… You know, what was nice was, uh… What? You don’t-

GILLIAN: I look like I’m twelve!

DAVID: Yeah, you look young, but you’re adorable, and um.. (ahem) You know, Gillian was king enough, and I’ve never said this, but I was aware that, you know, when I was directing that she really- I know she was tired. And there were times when we would be more prepared or less, let’s say, than other times. And she really was there, you know, and you can see it in that scene. She’s really just doing just wonderful work for me, you know? And I really felt like it was for… you know, for me, and it was just really… I-I was… I recognized it, and - I don’t think I’ve ever told you, but I-

GILLIAN: Thank you.

DAVID: Yeah.

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"You’re my best friend."
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the x-files + objects
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Best birthday ever.

It’s not over yet. I still have to give you your present.

you put your arms around me and i’m h o m e

Gillian Anderson photographed by Mark Liddell.


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↳ “You know, you don’t have to dress a woman as a man to give her authority.”