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Tanya, 19. I study law and in my free time (if I have any) I either vid or fangirl about my ships. Castle&Beckett and Mulder&Scully ruined my life.

ships & fandoms

my favorite couples and all the tv shows i watch(ed) 




1) mulder&scully


2) lucas&peyton

3) neal&emma

4) michael&nikita

5) booth&brennan

6) squib&cody

7) chuck&sarah

8) carrie&brody

9) sawyer&kate

10) chuck&blair

11) matthew&mary


ships & shows (in alphabetical order)




favourite ship: squib&cody

other ships: megan&sebastian

favourite character: squib furlong, rick geddes

favourite friendships: cody&adena; squib&rick

current status: finished watching


90210: the next generation


favourite ship: annie&liam

other ships: silver&dixon, adrianna&navid

favourite character: erin silver (season 1); naomi clark

favourite friendships: annie&silver (season 1)

current status: stopped watching


agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.

favourite ship: fitz&simmons

other ships: skye&ward, may&coulson

favourite character: skye, jemma simmons, leopold fitz

favourite friendships: fitz&skye&simmons, may&coulson

current status: watching



favourite ship: booth&brennan

other ships: angela&hodgins

favourite character: temperance brennan

favourite friendships: brennan&angela

current status: watching




favourite ship: castle&beckett

other ships: esposito&lanie; ryan&jenny

favourite character: kate beckett

favourite friendships: esposito&ryan; kate&lannie

current status: watching




favourite ship: chuck&sarah

other ships: devon&eleanor

favourite character: chuck bartowski

favourite friendships: chuck&morgan

current status: finished watching


downton abbey


favourite ship: matthew&mary

other ships: tom&sybil; anna&bates

favourite character: mary crawley

favourite friendships: matthew&tom; mary&carson; mary&anna

current status: watching


favourite ship: carrie&brody

other ships: -

favourite character: carrie mathison, peter quinn

favourite friendships: carrie&saul

current status: watching


gossip girl


favourite ship: chuck&blair

other ships: nate&serena

favourite character: chuck bass

favourite friendships: blair&serena; chuck&nate

current status: stopped watching



favourite ship: gabriel&riley

other ships: -

favourite character: gabriel vaughn, riley neal

favourite friendships: -

current status: finished watching

legend of the seeker


favourite ship: richard&kahlan

other ships: -

favourite character: richard cypher

favourite friendships: cara&kahlan

current status: finished watching




favourite ship: kate&sawyer

other ships: claire&charlie

favourite character: james sawyer

favourite friendships:  -

current status: finished watching




favourite ship:  -

other ships: simon&alisha; nathan&kelly

favourite character: nathan young

favourite friendships:  -

current status: stopped watching


new girl


favourite ship: nick&jess

other ships: schmidt&cece

favourite character: jess day

favourite friendships: jess&cece; nick&schmidt&winston

current status: watching




favourite ship: michael&nikita

other ships: owen&alex; thom&alex

favourite character: nikita mears

favourite friendships: nikita&alex

current status: finished watching


one tree hill


favourite ship: lucas&peyton

other ships: nathan&hayley

favourite character: peyton sawyer

favourite friendships: brooke&peyton

current status: finished watching


once upon a time


favourite ship: neal&emma

other ships: graham&emma, snow&charming, robin&regina

favourite character: emma swan

favourite friendships: emma&mary margaret

current status: watching


orphan black


favourite ship: paul&sarah

other ships: -

favourite character: felix dawkins

favourite friendships: felix&sarah

current status: watching



pretty little liars


favourite ship: spencer&toby

other ships: hanna&caleb; aria&ezra

favourite character: spencer hastings

favourite friendships: spencer&aria&hanna&emily

current status: watching




favourite ship: daniel&emily

other ships: -

favourite character: emily thorne

favourite friendships: nolan&emily

current status: stopped watching




favourite ship: bridget&andrew

other ships: -

favourite character: bridget kelly

favourite friendships: bridget&malcolm

current status: finished watching




favourite ship: freddie&effy

other ships: tony&michelle

favourite character: effy stonem; tony stonem

favourite friendships: freddie&cook

current status: finished watcing




favourite ship: harvey&donna

other ships: mike&rachel

favourite character: donna paulsen

favourite friendships: harvey&mike, donna&rachel

current status: watching




favourite ship:  -

other ships: -

favourite character: dean winchester

favourite friendships: sam&dean

current status: stopped watching


teen wolf


favourite ship: stiles&lydia

other ships: scott&allison

favourite character: stiles stilinski

favourite friendships: scott&stiles

current status: watching


the mentalist


favourite ship:  jane&lisbon

other ships: cho&summer

favourite character: patrick jane

favourite friendships: jane&van pelt

current status: watching


the o.c.


favourite ship: ryan&marissa (s1-s2)

other ships: seth&summer; ryan&taylor (s4)

favourite character: seth cohen

favourite friendships: ryan&seth; marissa&summer

current status: finished watching


the vampire diaries


favourite ship:  -

other ships: stefan&elena; damon&elena; stefan&caroline

favourite character: stefan salvatore; damon salvatore

favourite friendships: stefan&damon

current status: stopped watching


the x-files

favourite ship: mulder&scully

other ships: dogget&reyes

favourite character: dana scully; fox mulder; walter skinner; melvin frohike; john doggett; monica reyes

favourite friendships: scully&skinner; mulder&skinner; scully/mulder&lone gunmen

current status: finished watchinh

white collar


favourite ship: neal&sara

other ships: peter&elizabeth

favourite character: neal caffrey

favourite friendships: neal&peter

current status: watching


i get crazy just think about these ones

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