vita sine libertate nihil
Tanya, 19. I study law and in my free time (if I have any) I either vid or fangirl about my ships. Castle&Beckett and Mulder&Scully ruined my life.

Castle + Silhouettes  

there is no place like home.

There are no victory; there are only battles. And in the end the best you can hope for is to find a place to make your stand. And if you’re very lucky, you find someone willing to stand with you.

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And the craziest thing a fan ever did for me? This one fan let me follow her around while she investigated New York’s strangest homicides. She’s still letting me, and I love her for it. (X)


Castle and Beckett playing poker- Season 1//Season 6

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tv show meme: [2/5] pairings | richard castle & kate beckett
"I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you."

Castle AU Beckett the writer, and Castle the cop.

Isolation + Beckett and Castle in SetupCastle Theme Party | Challenge #7


Isolation + Beckett and Castle in Setup
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #7

Beckett knows what she wants

6x22 “Veritas” deleted scene (x)